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About Crystal

Michigan-bred storyteller, Crystal E. Green gives emotional, Black, female-driven love stories life by challenging theories of normalcy across a wide spectrum of possibilities. While her earliest works consisted of short stories, poems and essays — resulting in high academic literary achievement and national acclaim— her one true dream was to be a world-renowned actress. So, a career in writing wasn't even a thought. It was simply a hobby and a gift taken for granted.

After a series of pitfalls, Crystal finally made the leap to Los Angeles, where she aimed to make her dream come true. But she quickly grew annoyed with auditioning for roles that didn't fit her vision and turned to the one thing she did best - writing Recognizing the power of her own pen, her new dream was to write and produce her own films and television shows and to work her way into Hollywood on her own terms.

Crystal learned the art of screenwriting and began turning over scripts, left and right, going on to produce her first show, Young, Broke and Married - an ensemble dramedy series about four couples navigating the uncertainties of love. Out of the Young, Broke and Married franchise came YBM Masterclass - a 7-part series hosted by Crystal in which she used her experiences in love and marriage to advise married couples in distress.

Following that came LIV, a spin-off dramedy series inspired by the split of one of the fictionalized couples in the original series.

Crystal has since published two books - one novel and one memoir. She has written and published a variety of articles on topics ranging from local lavender farms in the Midwest to postpartum mood disorders in cultures of color. She has produced several short films, launched Earth, Fin & Fire - a lyrically-inspired food blog- written more than 125 short stories and penned multiple television pilots and feature length films. Crystal is currently the host of her own show, Crystal Clear, where she shares comedically-inspired tidbits on personal development, parenting and everything in-between.

Crystal is one of the most captivating storytellers of her time.

From flat broke and broken-hearted over the death of her first child to published author, award-winning filmmaker and CEO of her own film and television production company, Crystal's resilience and persistence have inspired audiences worldwide.

Her honest, unfiltered approach has helped international soul-seekers break through personal barriers, find freedom and pursue their purpose.

When not developing, writing, directing or producing her own work, Crystal enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children, consulting other creatives, tasting new foods and traveling the world.

“When I write, I’m consciously putting myself into the work. But what I’ve discovered is that my subconscious is as well, so it’s not just what I think I’m controlling. It’s the experiences and all the things that I’ve picked up over time that are stored inside that are coming out and influencing how I craft the story.”

-Crystal E. Green


Comedically-inspired tidbits on personal development, parenting and everything in-between.

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Lavender Lily

Based on an original screenplay by award-winning filmmaker, Crystal E. Green.

Her life is picture perfect. She's strikingly beautiful. She has the career and the home of her dreams. She couldn't ask for a better husband, and her family has never left nor will they ever leave her side.

But when motherhood ushers in a dangerous darkness, acclaimed author, Lauren Ivory Winters' world flips upside down when she finds herself unexpectedly cast as the star in her autobiographical psychological thriller, Lock the Door.

When Lauren is awarded a prestigious prize for her performance, a series of first person narratives, from those who know her best, tells the true story of the monster she'd become.

Lavender Lily is a penetrating page-turner that will leave you wondering what's next.


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Rose, a young and overwhelmed mother, poetically recalls to her therapist the heart-wrenching details of the day she lost her cool.

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